Which Snacks Should I Eat On-the-Go?

doritosThere are plenty of foods that you can grab on the way to work, school, or to the mall… but are you grabbing the healthy or not-so-healthy stuff?

It turns out that most of the foods I grab are clearly unhealthy…and judging from this cheat sheet that I found, I’m sure you’ll find your eating habits to be unhealthy, too:

Worst Choices:

Twinkies: They’re 300 calories and will take 83 minutes to walk it off.

Doritos: about 400 calories and will take you 116 minutes to walk off

Double Cheeseburger with extra toppings: about 420 calories and 122 minutes to walk off

Venti Frappuccino: 760 calories, and 211 minutes to walk it off.

Instead of these items, opt for other foods, like:

Bagel Chips: 130 calories and 36 minutes to walk it off

Apple: 95 calories and 26 minutes to walk it off

Instant Oatmeal: 100 calories and 28 minutes to walk it off

Cheese Sticks: 80 calories and takes 22 minutes to walk it off

So next time you’re on the go, think twice about what you’ll grab.

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