The Cookware Stores Around Overland Park Have Everything You Need

man cooking at home

If you need new cookware or cutlery to prepare your favorite dishes, local cookware stores around Overland Park have everything you need. You can easily shop online and arrange for pickup or delivery. When you’re ready to order, the stores near our Overland Park apartments include: Pryde’s Kitchen & Necessities For over fifty years, Pryde’s […]

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Organize Your Highlands/Highpointe Village Apartment With These Tips

How many times have you spent time in your kitchen looking for a certain spoon–only to realize that you have been over-looking it and its right there in your face. It happens to the best of us. We’ve gathered some tips from Tips To Organize Your Life to help get things organized in that kitchen. […]

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Favorite Ice Cream Flav

I’ve been buying ice-cream all summer long!  And I don’t just mean the ice cream in a cup– I’m talking about blizzards, McFlurries, Milkshakes, sundaes, and more! When it’s really hot outside, ice cream seems to be the solution for everything!  Before taking my ice cream escapade this year, I was used to getting what […]

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