Create Your Own Beer at Brew Lab

A man holding a bottle of self-brewed beer.

Did you know that beer is the third most-consumed drink in the world after water and tea? If you love drinking beer, maybe you’d be interested to learn more about it, and even make your own! If so, you should visit Brew Lab, which is just a short drive from The Highlands North and South […]

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Learn More about Fitness at the Good Living Expo

Woman jogging outside in the morning

Adopting a healthy and more physical lifestyle is one of the leading resolutions for most people at the start of every year. If you’re thinking it’s time to get active, join a gym near The Highlands North and South, and work your way towards your fitness goals, Overland Park has just the event for you: […]

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Shop for Records at a Locally Owned Music Store

Female customer being served at the counter of a locally owned music store

Did you know vinyl records date back generations? Frenchman Emile Berliner invented the flat disc record in 1888. It was produced from vulcanized rubber, and the format improved over time. Today, records are popular among collectors and new listeners alike. If you would like to shop for some music, visit a locally owned music store […]

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