Experience More Than Coffee at Homer’s Coffee House

Interior Of Coffee Shop With Customers

A local coffee house is an ideal location to bring a community together. That’s precisely what Homer’s Coffee House is aiming to do. This coffee shop focuses on coffee, community, and compassion, and you can find it just around the corner from The Highlands North and South. They provide excellent coffee, support local organizations, and feature live music. They have been serving the community for over 15 years and plan to do so for many more.

The Menu

Homer’s Coffee House offers traditional and non-traditional coffee drinks, including mochas, lattes, cappuccinos, and cafe au lait. Those looking for something more refreshing can indulge in hot tea, iced tea, frozen drinks, chai latte, and hot chocolate. They serve pastries and sandwiches that pair perfectly with their delicious beverages. Sandwiches on the menu include an avocado turkey club, classic BLT, and three different variations of their signature grilled cheeses.

Live Music

They serve the community by doing far more than serving delicious meals and drinks. Homer’s Coffee House energizes Friday and Saturday nights by hosting live music. The shows don’t have a cover charge and start at 7:30 p.m. Some of the local talents include Brian Scarborough, Caleb Miller, and Moon City Big Band. People always gather at the coffee house to connect with musicians, hang with friends, and sip on delicious brews. Music has a way of bringing a community together, and Homer’s makes it happen.

The Community

Homer’s works hard to create an inclusive atmosphere that welcomes everyone. They have been bringing the community together for years through coffee and live music. Not only do they serve the local community, but they also strive to help communities around the world. The coffee house supports several organizations, including Broadmoor Alternative School, City Union Mission, Falling Forward, Hope Faith Ministries, and others. So stop by Homer’s Coffee House to join them in bringing people together through compassionate action.

You can feel like part of the community by stopping by Homer’s or by checking out these county-sponsored recreational activities! If you would like to live near amazing coffee shops like this, then please contact us today. The Highlands is a luxury apartment community in Overland Park located near great dining, retail, and entertainment options.

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