The Escape Rooms Around Overland Park Will Test Your Skills!

escape rooms around Overland Park

If you enjoy problem-solving and working under pressure, then head to one of these escape rooms around Overland Park where you’re sure to spend an evening to remember:

The Exit Room

The Exit Room offers a live-action adventure that’s unlike anything you’ve experienced. The rooms are full of clues, puzzles, and secrets, and teams have just 60 minutes to succeed. Players who need help can ask the Game Master for hints.

Try Legacy Lost. Clive Plitger, a famed archaeologist and adventurer, has just died. His collection of artifacts is now up for grabs. Can you find Clive’s hidden treasures before his enemies arrive? The average escape time is 51 minutes.

Escape Artist KC

The Escape Artist is a live-action brain teaser and interactive learning experience. To complete their mission, players must work together to find hidden messages, crack codes, and solve riddles that will lead to the escape key.

There are two rooms to choose from including the Puzzle Master’s Playroom. The puzzle master loves to play games and thrives on illusion and deception. Can you see what’s hidden right before your eyes? This game features lasers, and is known for being “dynamic, mind-bending, and intensely fun.”

Mastermind Escape Games

Mastermind takes pride in offering innovative and thoughtful escape room concepts. The games vary in difficulty, and all offer a unique entertainment experience.

Try Escape the Air Raid. You’re part of a squad of soldiers at a military outpost and have just learned an enemy bomber is coming your way. Can you activate the sirens and make it to the bomb shelter before the air raid strikes? This room is challenging with a 29 percent escape rate.

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