Create Your Own Beer at Brew Lab

A man holding a bottle of self-brewed beer.

Did you know that beer is the third most-consumed drink in the world after water and tea? If you love drinking beer, maybe you’d be interested to learn more about it, and even make your own! If so, you should visit Brew Lab, which is just a short drive from The Highlands North and South Apartments.

About Brew Lab

Known as “a craft beer lover’s theme park,” Brew Lab was started in 2013 by four friends. Their mission was to create an entertaining environment where homebrewers, regardless of their experience level, could learn to improve their brewing skills. Currently, Brew Lab has 19 of its own handcrafted beers on tap.

The Classes

If you are interested in learning how to brew, you have a few options. The first two Wednesdays of every month, Brew Lab offers public classes where you can learn the science of brewing, craft different recipes, and how to perform each brewing step correctly. Then, two weeks after your first class, you can learn how to bottle. You can even take home a portion of your creation!

Another option is to book your own private brewing class. Your group will get a personal teacher who guides you through the steps of making beer. You will gain access to the highest quality ingredients and be able to use the brewery equipment. You even get to choose the recipe that you want to create. This experience is guaranteed to be unforgettable and would be great for a unique party with friends or family.

The Food

Brew Lab is more than just a brewery. It has a kitchen that offers American and Tex-Mex foods, such as street tacos and chicken tenders. Every Tuesday night, the brewery hosts a “Geeks Who Drink” trivia night. Even if beer isn’t your favorite, the restaurant has you covered with cocktails and wine.

Brew Lab is only one of the many breweries located near our apartments. You can enjoy breweries and so much more when you join our community. For a tasty morning coffee, head to Homer’s Coffee House. If you are looking to move, contact us for a showing.

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