Check Out The Kansas International Film Festival

It is said that art, no matter its form, stirs the soul and The Highlands North and South apartments in Overland Park certainly move spirits. Not only are they exquisite on the inside, they offer residents access to memorable art events too. One of the most celebrated is the Kansas International Film Festival. It happens every year, like clockwork, just minutes from The Highlands North & South. Sponsored by the Glenwood Arts Theatre, it’s expected to kick off in early November with a Filmmaker Recognition Brunch.

The brunch is open to people who rent apartments in Overland Park. However, they must first secure advance reservations through the theatre’s online box office. Any Highlands North & South resident that purchases them now will be eligible for an early bird discount. Procrastinators, regardless of their home address, may expect to pay at least $10 more per pass and that doesn’t include the cost of tickets. So we suggest using the WiFi in our common areas to log on and seal in the generous discounts before it’s too late.

If you’re looking to see as many flicks as possible, your best bets are the matinees and twilight shows. They’re anywhere from .50 cents to $2.25 dollars cheaper than the evening shows. Each discounted offering will be available for sale the duration of the festival, which runs from November 4th through the 8th. You can secure them online as well and we recommend that you do so post-haste. As for the films that will dominate the big screens, the subject matters vary greatly. However, all are sure to please members of our Overland Park community.

If you love films of the thought-provoking variety, we suggest checking out DREAMS REWIRED. It will likely give you a whole new view of WiFi and mobile devices. For the horror fans among us, The House on Pine Street and Jasmine are apt to be among your best bets.

To learn more, please contact us at The Highlands North & South today.

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