Shop for Records at a Locally Owned Music Store

Female customer being served at the counter of a locally owned music store

Did you know vinyl records date back generations? Frenchman Emile Berliner invented the flat disc record in 1888. It was produced from vulcanized rubber, and the format improved over time. Today, records are popular among collectors and new listeners alike. If you would like to shop for some music, visit a locally owned music store […]

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Go to Scheels for an Adventurous Day of Shopping

The Scheels aquarium with brightly colored fish

Looking for a fun place to go shopping near the Highlands North and South? The experience you get from Scheels in Overland Park is unlike any other shopping experience. While you might visit the mall to shop for your sports gear and clothes, the fun activities that are added to the experience will make you […]

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Browse for Specialty Skeins at These Yarn Shops Near Overland Park

yarn shops near Overland Park

Ask any knitter or crocheter, and they’ll tell you that one of the joys of their chosen hobby is scouting out local yarn stores. Fortunately for residents of The Highlands Apartments, we’ve got several yarn shops near Overland Park. Whether you’ve been working with yarn for years or you’re just starting out, these local businesses […]

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